Concert 3: Dimensions of Time

February 27th, 8pm – St Mary’s Episcopal
Pre-Concert talk at 7:15

Our third main series concert features works that explore various aspects of musical time–from four-on-the-floor techno beats, to meditative, suspended temporal atmospheres. This program features combinations of voice, piccolo, clarinet, violin, piano, percussion, and electronics.

•  Timo Andres, Crashing Through Fences for piccolo & 2 percussionist (6 minutes)
•  Morton Subotnik, Then Now and Forever, for clarinet, violin, and piano (14 mins.)
•  Lansing McCloskey, The Unreal City for voice, percussion, & piano (16 min.)
•  John Luther Adams, Four Thousand Holes, for piano, percussion, and electronic sounds (33 mins.)

Featuring: Lyra Pherigo, piccolo; Nick Petrella percussion 1; Christopher Larson, percussion 2; Thomas Aber, clarinet; Michael Kirkendoll, piano; Chun Hang Huang, violin; Victoria Botero, voice; Ted King-Smith, electronics

Program Notes – Coming Soon

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