Concert 1: Contrasts

Contrasts newEar

October 21, 8PM

Join newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble as we celebrate the start of our 25th concert season. Pop-and culture-inspired music versus German destruction, deflation, and disintegration.

The first half of the concert will explore contrasting treatments of dance, folk, and nostalgia. The second half of the concert will showcase Helmut Lachenmann’s deconstructed song cycle, “Got Lost” featuring guest artists Liz Pearse and Stacey Barelos.


I Loved Lucy – Michael Daugherty
Christina Webster, flute
Beau Bledsoe, guitar

Got Lost – Helmut Lachenmann
Liz Pearse, voice
Stacey Barelos, piano 

Three Bagatelles from China West – Chen Yi
Christina Webster, flute
Jessica Koebbe, piano 

Southern Harmony – Jennifer Higdon
Chun Hang Huang, violin
Stanley Kuo, violin
Boris Vayner, viola
Eman Chalshotori, cello

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