Concert 3: Opus Zoo


March 31, 8PM

Animal sounds and themes are explored through wind instruments and string
quartet on our third concert of the season. The central piece Opus Number Zoo
by Luciano Berio has the movements of Tom Cats, The Grey Mouse, The Fawn,
and Barn Dance. More animal ideas are featured in Animal Songs by Jamie
Whitmarsh, KuKu by Barry Cockcroft, Break Away by Jessie Montgomery, Wings
by Joan Tower, and Les moutons de panurge by Frederic Rzewski. The nimble
instrumentation allows for audience participation.


Animal Songs – Jamie Whitmarsh

Opus Number Zoo  – Luciano Berio

KuKu – Barry Cockcroft

Nine Lives – Julia Adolphe

Les moutons de panurge –Frederic Rzewski

Wings –Joan Tower

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